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The Mulberry Times Spring 2 – 2022

So lovely to see the lighter mornings and evenings as we move into spring. As always, children and staff have worked hard to ensure we are closing the gaps in learning. School led tuition has begun and I thank all the children and parents for your engagement, it really makes a difference.

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The science curriculum at Mulberry is centred on the teaching and learning of scientific concepts, with meaningful and engaging opportunities for pupils to apply scientific skills. The coherently sequenced curriculum challenges pupils to deepen their understanding of both their substantive and disciplinary knowledge of science. 

Pupils will learn about the impact science has had on our lives as well as its fundamental role in ensuring global prosperity and importance in meeting future challenges. 

Children will appreciate the dynamic nature of the scientific method, with ideas continually tested, adapted and progressed, as well as the power of rational explanation. Pupils will also understand that science is a global, human endeavour grounded in cooperation and inclusivity, meaning anyone can become a scientist.

This curriculum creates scientifically literate individuals with inquisitive minds who are empowered to contribute positively to the collective human understanding of the world and beyond. ​