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School Priorities 2023 -2024

This year our targets are as follows:

Priority 1:

Leadership / Management

  • To increase pedagogical expertise of all teachers, using instructional coaching model to close the gap with N/A for all pupils.
  • To increase parental engagement to involve all parents in supporting their children’s academic performance.
  • To embed governor to roles and fulfil the statutory duties within the school through future visits and interaction with children, ensuring that all leaders are held to account and supported for the quality of education.
  • To maintain and enhance the school site ensuring all buildings, classrooms are fit for purpose and are health and safety compliant.


Priority 2:

Quality of Education

  • To improve children’s reading fluency with fluency strategies in reading lessons across the school.  See English implementation plan.
  • To improve children’s coherence in writing through sentence level writing strategies in lessons across the curriculum.
  • To improve children’s maths reasoning ability through questioning, modelling of maths talk and use of accurate maths vocabulary.  See the maths implementation plan.
  • To extend children’s use of subject specific language in their verbal and written responses in all foundation subjects by modelling subject specific vocabulary.
  • To use synoptic tasks to assess both substantive and disciplinary knowledge to draw connections across different unit’s history, geography, science and RE subjects.

Priority 3:

Behaviour and Attitudes / Personal Development

  • To improve attendance to meet N/A for all groups of pupils including SEND and support families to reduce incidences of persistent absence across the school.
  • To embed consistently high levels of behaviour on the playground enabling all pupils to resolve conflict through peer medication and restorative justice.
  • To maintain an environment where bullying, peer on peer abuse or discrimination is not tolerated.
  • To plan a coherent map of rich experiences which promote extensive personal growth and SMSC for all pupils by enhancing their cultural capital and knowledge of British values.
  • To expend pupils personal development in the P4A and SEND in the mainstream by using SCERTS as a framework of communication.
  • To maintain a culture of safeguarding that supports effective arrangements to promote the welfare of all learners and staff and promoting positive pupil mental health.

Priority 4:

Effectiveness of Early Years

  • To further develop early communication and language skills across the EYFS by embedding a whole class approach to language development in EYFS (ShREC approach).
  • To enhance the teaching of early maths using pedagogy which engages all pupils and stages of development by focusing on 3 main areas : cardinality, composition and comparison of numbers.

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