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The Mulberry Times Spring 2 – 2022

So lovely to see the lighter mornings and evenings as we move into spring. As always, children and staff have worked hard to ensure we are closing the gaps in learning. School led tuition has begun and I thank all the children and parents for your engagement, it really makes a difference.

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Remote Education

In the event of Covid restrictions such as a school closure or self-isolation, all pupils will have access to daily remote education. The class teacher will set work equivalent to that of the normal school day and provide regular feedback. 

If your child is in the early years of school: nursery and reception, they will access remote learning through our digital journal Tapestry. If your child is in key stage 1 or 2 they will be using J2, the digital platform we also use for weekly homework. 

Pupils and families are prepared for remote learning through the use of digital homework each week and this will provide a seamless transition to remote education.

Any families needing a reminder of their login details for J2 or Tapestry, or needing to borrow a device should complete the appropriate form:

Online Forms

Here is an example of the daily timetable with suggested time allocations: