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What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is allocated to children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months. A premium has also been introduced for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces.

We aim to identify possible barriers to educational achievement for children eligible for Pupil Premium funding and have summarised these as:

  • Language skills
  • Maths and English skills
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Attendance
  • Access to enriching experiences

The money is allocated to ensure children can achieve their potential academically, physically, socially and emotionally under four main areas:

  • Additionally in the curriculum – children eligible for FSM are less likely to have access to books and study space to support the development of their English skills
  • Targeted support –  small group or 1:1 interventions in Language, English and Maths to ensure children eligible for FSM can achieve their academic potential
  • Richness of curriculum – access to opportunities which may not be possible outside of school such as music lessons or visits to a museum
  • Wellbeing – poverty can be linked to our Mental Health. We aim to ensure PP children are supported emotionally and socially so that they feel safe, happy and confident.

In order to ensure our PPI provision is effective we closely monitor any interventions, support and strategies. We use data to inform impact and hold half termly meetings to review any targeted support. We aim to regularly review our provision including any interventions to ensure that they are relevant and purposeful for the targeted children. We will review our provision in February.

Although there are many additional strategies in place to target PP children, the class teacher has ownership. Quality first teaching and the planning of a relevant and exciting curriculum ensures we build the knowledge and experiences of all groups of children.

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