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Phonics Curriculum

At The Mulberry Primary School, we follow an adapted version of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme of systematic synthetic phonics. We follow the progression as outlined in the Letters and Sounds document and include Jolly Phonics stories and songs to bring the learning alive and engage younger children in a fun and lively way.

In Nursery phase 1 will be taught each week as a group session with opportunities throughout the week to practise and consolidate new skills and knowledge.

In Reception, daily phonics lessons start within the first two weeks of starting. Children are taught phase 2 knowledge and skills first before progressing into phase 3 in the spring term and phase 4 by the end of the summer term. Aspects of phase 1 will continue throughout the Reception year.

In Year 1 phonics will continue to be taught in daily streamed lessons with the expectation being that all children will be secure in phase 5 by the end of the year.

Children will continue to receive phonics lessons four times a week in Year 2 until they are secure in using their skills for reading and writing. All children working below age related expectations for phonics will receive an additional phonics intervention.

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