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Our Teaching and Learning Approach

Our Vision

At Mulberry the key driver for our curriculum is possibilities. We aim to provide rich learning opportunities that lift children out of their own experiences and expose them to a range of possibilities for their future.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum links to our community and local history wherever possible whilst also giving children a global view and the chance to celebrate the diverse heritage in our school. Our fundamental aim is to create independent, ambitious learners who understand the possibilities ahead of them and what it takes to achieve.

The Mulberry curriculum is ambitious, knowledge rich and carefully constructed to meet the needs of our children. Reading is at the heart of our curriculum and underpins everything we do, because we know it guarantees our children leave with the best possible start. We teach ambitious vocabulary throughout all subjects and use structured talk stems to develop their language skills alongside powerful knowledge acquisition.

Our Pedagogy

Teacher expertise lies at the core of the planned curriculum and we use the Teaching Walkthrus to ensure evidence-based strategies are the foundation of our pedagogy. Teaching is developed through ongoing professional development and delivers high expectations for all learners. A consistent approach across all year groups ensures teachers:

  • build on pupils’ prior knowledge and experience
  • avoid cognitive overload by breaking down complex material into smaller steps
  • embed learning by using repetition, practice, and retrieval of critical knowledge and skills
    deliver a carefully-sequenced curriculum which teaches essential concepts, knowledge and skills through a coherent and language-rich approach
  • are aware of common misconceptions and prepare strategies to counter them
    plan effective lessons, making good use of modelling, explanations, and scaffolds
  • adapt teaching in a responsive way to support struggling and excelling learners while maintaining high expectations for all
  • provide pupils with tools and strategies to plan, monitor, and evaluate their learnin

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