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Maths Curriculum

At Mulberry Primary School we believe in mathematics for all and we follow the principles of the Power Maths approach. The principles are interconnected and together the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Success for all

At our school every child enjoys and succeeds in mathematics as they are given the appropriate learning opportunities to achieve. A growth mindset is developed throughout the learning process and it enables pupils to grow in resilience and confidence.

Deeper understanding

Pupils are given time and opportunities to fully explore mathematical concepts. The challenge comes from investigating ideas in new and complex ways – rather than accelerating through new topics.


We enable our learners to solve new problems in unfamiliar contexts by identifying, applying and connecting ideas to tackle new and more complex problems.

Mathematical thinking

We develop successful mathematicians by developing mathematical ‘habits of mind’. To encourage this, we support pupils to be systematic, generalise and seek out patterns. High quality questioning is a key element of this.

Mathematical language

We use mathematical language throughout sessions in order to strengthen conceptual understanding and empower pupils to explain and reason. This is carefully introduced and reinforced through frequent discussion to ensure the language used is meaningfully understood.

Multiple representations

Within our sessions we use objects, pictures, numbers and symbols to enable pupils to represent ideas and make connections in different ways. This develops understanding and problem solving skills – while making lessons engaging and fun.

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