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English as an additional language FlashAcademy®

Inclusion Team

Nkem Nwaozuzu

Assistant Headteacher

(Inclusion / P4A / DSL)

Katie Rye

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

English as an additional language FlashAcademy®

At Mulberry Primary School, we use Flash Academy EAL: an app that supports teachers in developing learning for pupils that don’t have English as their first language. The platform can be used on smartphone, tablet and PC; and teaches English from over 30 different languages.

At the point of admission, our pupils’ English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are assessed using the Flash Academy EAL app assessment tool. Pupils will access the app for 20 minutes daily to help accelerate their acquisition of the English language through curriculum mapped interactive lessons, challenges and games which simultaneously teach and test pupils. Termly assessments track individual progress in acquiring English.